Founder and director


Passion for design, that is what made me start my companies and being able to grow them so naturally as they have been growing. As a kid of 7 years old I was already searching for antique toy collectibles, vintage pieces and small decorative furniture. In the early mornings, with my flashlight, running over flea markets to find that one special piece that gave me goosebumps. My knowledge and gut feeling have been growing ever since I was holding that flashlight. Whether it was an antique toy, a rare ceramic vase or a beautiful chair. None of it matters unless it gives you a good feeling. It can be the unused condition a 60-year-old piece has, or the beautiful wear a chair got in its life before. It can be the colour, shape, or grain in the wood. If it gives me good feeling or goosebumps, it’s worth buying.

Experience is the most important and valuable thing to have in this line of work, making sure you sell good pieces. We have a lot of experience in the field of 20th century modern design, as collector and dealer in mid-century modern furniture, I educate myself daily to improve my knowledge. By Experience I learned it is worthwhile to invest in good pieces. Although at that point it seems maybe a lot of money. What is nicer than to spend money on something you love, being able to enjoy it for several years, and if you are lucky sell it for even more than what you paid for it? This is how it usually goes when you invest your money wisely.

We are open to consulting about high quality design.
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Etienne Feijns